Midnight Lightning

2001 Yamaha Roadstar Midnight
Jim Patterson (aka Jay Perkins) - Louisville, KY, USA

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2001 Road Star Midnight Star - 1600 cc

This bike was purchased used in Feb. 2003 through Ebay - $8,000. (See the photos at the very bottom of the photo page) It only had 1,200 miles on it.
The previous owner had already put a number of chrome accessories on the bike, including having 2 sets of aftermarket seats/pillions, and Bub Big Willy pipes! I was off to a good start. He installed a PM billet front wheel (but it still had the stock rear wheel), and changed it to a single front brake rotor. I decided I wanted to keep a spoke-wheel appearance, so I sold off the mag wheel and several other accessories I didn't want, allowing me to get the cash to buy the accessories I did want. See the list of modifications below, most of which were done since I bought the bike.

Current Modifictions:
Roadhouse Dooleys with modified baffles & shark fin tips, Hypercharger Pro, Speedstar ported intake, jetted carb, Dyna 3000, NGK Iridium spark plugs, Dyna Coils, Dyna Wires, 31-Tooth pulley, Barnett clutch, Electrex G75 high performance stator, lowered front (1.5"), Big Boar rear air suspension (5" travel), Kuryakyn Floorboard Covers, Yellow Box speedo corrector, Bikini Beach Bars, Lindby Highway Bars, Cobra Passing Lamps, Stainless Steel lines, Kuryakyn Tombstone taillight with curved license plate holder, custom speedometer face, relocated fuel pump (under gas tank), removed AIS, Warrior oil drive gear, chromed handlebar controls, chromed stator cover, Kuryakyn chromed swingarm covers, chromed rear pulley, polished rotors with custom hub covers, chromed calipers & caliper brackets, custom brake pedal to match heel-toe shifter w/covers, chromed bolt covers, Performance Machine master cylinder, Carolina 795 saddlebags (w/studs) + Easybrackets...and almost every chrome and ball-mill Yamaha accessory available.

Future Modifications:
  • Chromed Wheel Hubs with Stainless Steel spokes.

My Cruiser Customizing page:   http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/MidnightSoul

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